The Lutheran Backpackers Union

Be a part of the fastest growing union in the world of travel.  Get your rucksack, your ge-backe-pack, and get to Wittenberg in May of 2017 for the Luther500 Festival, "backpacker style."  Well, you don't really need a backpack, you just need to be willing to have a great time, soak in some history and fun, and make new friends.    You register as a single or a group of single traveler friends and stay in dormitory-style rooms.

It's super affordable as European trips go, but it's also jam packed with activities and chances to meet folks with similar interests.  The days are sandwiched by brief morning and evening prayer in the historic churches in Wittenberg, and throughout the days you can select from a wide variety of interest centers including recreation, history, art, lectures, service projects or day trips to The Wartburg Castle or Eisleben where Luther was born and died, or Erfurt where Luther was ordained at the Augustinian Monestery.

Spend time in Berlin as part of the Luther500 Festival.  Or, even better, keep that backpack on, get a train ticket and spend another week exploring since you've already crossed the ocean. When you get back to school in the fall or head out to work after your trip, you'll be changed. Your vision will be expanded, your horizon widened and your circle of friends enlarged.

Sign up on the Contact page and let me know you are interested in the Luther500 Festival "backpacker style" trip.  If we get enough folks signed up to fill a room, or fill a few rooms, we'll get your trip confirmed.  Hey, for that matter, recruit five friends, and fill one of the six-bed rooms with your own group of fellow travelers.

More to come....