Luther: The Rock Opera

Before we know it, Reformation Day 2017 will be here.  Every year, it's a cause to stop and think about the transformation that began when a stormy monk uttered three words, "Here I Stand," and helped western society move from the Medieval to the Modern Age.  This year, the 500th Anniversary of the posting in Wittenberg of the 95 Theses by Martin Luther -- an act that preceded the three famous words but touched off the events that led to Luther's trial -- is one of the special 500's.  There are plenty more to come including the burning of the Papal Bull and of course the Diet of Worms, as in, Here I Stand.

In advance of Reformation Day this year, George and I completed work on Luther:The Rock Opera.  It's a series of 24 songs that can be sung back to back to tell the story of the start of the Reformation and the life of Martin Luther.  It's based on the graphic novel Luther, by Rich Melheim.  You can order a copy of the Rock Opera at  You can learn it in about three rehearsals, and with a friend or two, or a band, you can perform it for your congregation, camp, or community.  It's a memorable and enjoyable way to remember the highlights of the early years of the Reformation.  There are some more complicated versions of the Rock Opera(Stage Version and Small Stage Version) which include extra songs by the Faith Ink team in Minnesota for those who have a bit more time and want to make a real musical of it.

Once you try the Rock Opera and you know (and can sing by heart) all about Luther's frightening experience in the forest near Erfurt, his parents' opposition to his decision to enter the monastery, his time with the Augustinians, his travels to Rome, his teaching in Wittenberg, his posting of the 95 Theses, his back and forth with the Vatican, his theological breakthrough, his trial at Worms, his time at The Wartburg and so on, you can come see it all in person!

You've sung about The Wartburg, now come walk the halls.  You've sung about his posting the theses, now stand at the door and pray inside the Castle Church.  You've sung about his life in Wittenberg with Katie, now tour their home -- the largest Reformation museum in the world.  And while you are at it, have a ton of fun with your family and friends in and around the Luther sites of Germany.  And then, see the show at a historic location like the castle at Mansfeld.  All kinds of fun!  Let us know you are interested, and we will send details of the tour we call Luther For All The Ages, but you call also thin of as Luther:The Rock Opera Tour.

Check out the songs, music, background animations and slides along with ideas for promoting your show at and look specifically for The Concert Version.